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For All Your Eyewear Questions.

Look no further in your quest for answers. Know more about Enek Luso eyewear in our extensive FAQs. If you don’t find the answers you need, you may contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure whether you should get photochromic, anti-glare, or blue blocker lenses? Confused about bifocals, trifocals, and progressives? Learn more about eyewear in our comprehensive FAQ section below. If the information you need is not here, reach out to us, and we’d be glad to help you out

No Problemo, with our worry-free policy. You’re totally covered, if there’s a change in your Rx (Prescription) within 30 days of delivery.
We will re-make your glasses with the new Rx at no cost to you.
(Isn’t that sweet?)

Progressive Lenses gives you the Prescription for far, near and intermediate (arm’s length distance) all in one lens.
People who already wear glasses before the start of Presbyopia (A gradual, age-related loss of the eyes' ability to focus actively on nearby objects) usually need Progressive Lenses.
Sometimes they are also referred to as, “No line bifocals” Progressive lenses help you in seeing far, computer and reading all in one lens. It takes some time to get adjusted to a new pair of progressives, but once you do, life becomes Ooh-la-la.
(We didn’t invent Progressives, but we offer the best quality)

Bi-focal lenses are traditional lenses to see far and near. They were mostly used in the 80s and 90s when computers were not an inseparable and integral part of our lives. With the increasing use of Computers, Progressives became more & more popular.
But nothing can beat the ease of use of bi-focal lenses. Very easy to get adjusted with having two areas of prescription rather than three in progressives.
(Easy going lens)

Single Vision Lenses mean where there is only one Prescription (Rx) in the lens. They could be used full time (depending upon age) or they could be used for far or for near.
(See far or see near, we all need them)

A polycarbonate is a material, polycarbonate lenses are shatter resistant and much more durable than regular lenses.
We offer polycarbonate lenses as a standard lens.
(Durable material, longer life)

Anti-glare lenses are a must-have for eyeglasses. Anti Glare lenses AKA, AR lenses, AR coating, Anti-Reflective lens etc.
So many names for one great benefit; Clearity! Not only, our selfies come out nicer, our vision gets clearer too. They help us a great deal with night time driving, eliminating halos around the headlights or halos around the interior lights too, for that matter.
(Our personal favorite feature of a pair)

Blue-blocker lenses block the harmful blue light that gets emitted from any digital device (or most digital devices).
Luso’s Blues’ stop the harmful blue light from getting into your eyes and your eyes feel comfortable, relaxed and healthy.

No, but most vision plans reimburse you. Vision plans like EyeMed, VSP, Emblem Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Metlife etc. just to name a few reimburse you when you buy prescription eyewear or prescription sunwear. Please check with your plan and submit a receipt for added savings.

PD stands for Pupillary Distance, in other words distance between your pupils. It measures in MilliMeters (mm)
PD is needed to make your favorite pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. A general number for PD is 62 or 64. A kid or a petite face can have a PD of 58 and someone with a big head can have a PD of 70 mm.

Anytime you buy a new pair of eyeglasses, our mind and body needs to adjust to the new Rx and the way it sits & feels on the nose.. And sometimes it takes a while, even up to a week or two weeks for Progressive Lenses, even if it’s the same Rx in a new frame. It just takes time.
Continue wearing your new glasses and you’ll get used to them.

No, if you see clearly out of your old glasses or your old Rx is still valid then you can get a new pair using the same Rx. Generally an Eye exam is needed once every year or after 2 years.

The green or the blue hue signifies the Anti Reflective Coating on the lenses. It usually has a green or blue hue. The blue hue in particular signifies a special blue block coating which is to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Don’t forget to add Luso’s Blue’s to protect your eyes.

All photochromic lenses get dark in direct sunlight. The windshield and the side windows of the cars actually block the UV coming in and hence without UV the chemical inside the lenses doesn't get activated and thus lenses don’t turn dark behind the windshield. (Tip: Polarized Lenses are recommended behind the wheel for day time)

Polarized lenses are for Sunglasses. Polarized lenses cut all the glare coming at you at 180 degree axis. When the glare is reduced then your vision is much sharper/clearer in the sun.

With any skin allergies, you should be wearing a Titanium frame, titanium is a kind of metal but it’s hypoallergenic. It is not supposed to give you any skin allergies but sometimes our skin still reacts even with Titanium, seeing a Dermatologist would be necessary in that case.

The bi-focals give you two areas to see, the far and the near. Dashboard falls in arm’s length, just like a computer screen. Bi-focal lens lacks that ability for the intermediate area (arm’s length). Progressive lenses are a possible solution to this problem.

Absolutely! If you already have a Rx just for computer use then just go ahead and use that Rx to get yourself any pair. If you don’t have the computer Rx but have a complete Rx then contact our customer service and we will guide you towards your needs.

Of course you can! If the halos around the headlights bother you at night time, you can benefit from Anti-Glare lenses. (Tip: It’s always a good idea to get your eyes checked to see if you might need a little Rx in your glasses)

Most of the devices emit harmful blue light, even our cell phones. Wearing glasses with blue light protection can really help with eye fatigue. Try our Luso’s Blue’s and see for yourself.

We offer a 30 day Hassle Free-Worry Free Returns. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we can try to make it right for you.
We offer free returns/exchanges within 30 days after delivery.
(Let’s sing the song, “Don’t worry be happy”)

The processing depends upon the Prescription, whether the Rx is for distance/Reading only or it’s bifocal or Progressives. And then it depends upon the coatings added on the lens.
The processing can vary from 2 days to 2 weeks, again depending upon the configuration of the lens. But we promise to process everything at lightning speed.

Once it’s processed and shipped, it depends upon the service you chose. Normal/Basic shipping takes from 5-7 days. Expedited takes about 3-5 days and overnight should be overnight depending upon the zip code that you live in.

No, you don’t, unless you choose an expedited shipping method.

No, you don’t. Returns are on us.
(How cool!)

We will provide you with a return shipping label. Simply put the shipping label on the package, insert the attached order details sheet in the package and drop it off to a UPS Store.
(Or be nice with UPS driver and give it to them :)

Once your order is received, we will process/initiate your refund. Based on your Credit Card company processing time, it may take up to 14 days for you to see the refund back on your card.
(We promise)

Sure, within 30 days if you’re not completely satisfied with your glasses, you can exchange them for another pair. We offer a one time exchange on all your orders.
(A pair for a pair)

We manufacture our frames with the highest standards but sometimes the world is not perfect. If there’s a defect in the frame, your frame is completely covered for one full year (after the delivery).
Any issues/defects with the craftsmanship of the frame will be covered. We will replace it with a new frame for no charge.

We offer one full year warranty on the lenses. Should there be any noticeable defects on the lenses, they will be replaced one time at no charge. P.S Regular wear and tear and/or scratches are not considered defects.

Oops, well, no policy covers the lost/broken glasses but we will still cover the broken glasses within 30 days.
If your glasses are broken within 30 days, we will cover them. Initiate a return, send us the broken frame back and we will send you a new pair. (No refund will be issued for a broken pair). If your glasses are broken after 30 days, contact the customer service and we will send you a 20% courtesy coupon.
(We are always there for you!)

We understand, accidents happen. That’s why we have a very generous scratched lenses policy, the lenses are covered for SIX months.
Contact customer service and we will initiate a warranty return for you. A minimum $35 processing fee will be applied.
(That’s called, “Caring for others”)

Please follow the link below to log in to your account or check the email notification that you would have received once the order ships.
Track your order here

Processing of your glasses depends upon various factors; the kind of Prescription that you have, the lens coatings that you go for, Single Vision or Progressive lenses etc. But we know that you need your eyes, so we are working on it constantly.

It depends upon the shipping method that you choose and the zip code that you live in.
We provide three shipping methods:
1. Basic Shipping (5-7 business days)
2. Priority Shipping (3-5 business days)
3. Next Day Shipping (1-2 business days)