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"Seeing is Believing: Reviews are in" Enek Luso customers are clear about their thoughts on our glasses—they absolutely love ‘em! Find your perfect pair of glasses by browsing through our gallery of Enek Luso wearers. Get inspired by our customers’ stylish looks and elevate your own fashion game with our top-quality eyewear.

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I really like these glasses

  • Clearwater,
  • Mar 18 2024,
  • by Iryna P

The quality it's perfect. I think they really will cost more. The style it's perfect. I literally wanna try more, because this is one of the best glasses I have ever tried.

Iryna P.

Elegant as hell

  • Honolulu,
  • Jan 28 2024,
  • by Niki B

OMG, these frames are elegant and stylish, I can style them for day and night. I have sensitive eyes and can't wear contacts so I like to have frames that I can dress at night. These glasses are just the best!

Buy them!!

  • Tooele,
  • Jan 28 2024,
  • by Anonymous

These are the cutest glasses I have ever found, you like bold but not too bold then these are for you. you won't regret the purchase!

Lightweight and stylish

  • Kelso,
  • Jan 27 2024,
  • by Anne S

These glasses are lightweight and perfect fit and style, I wish they come in more colors I would stock them all.

A Very Good Quality Pair of Prescription Glasses

  • El Paso,
  • Jan 25 2024,
  • by Angie B

Not only do they look good, my prescription is super precise, have no problems with them and they look awesome. I like this green color.

Top Quality

  • Ithaca,
  • Jan 25 2024,
  • by Lucy G

It's a top quality frame. Really really impressive.


  • Yakima,
  • Jan 20 2024,
  • by Anonymous

I am in LOVE with these frames. I have been wearing glasses since I was 14 and never found a pair that fit the style and comfort. These are light weight, very cute and stylish and compliment my face shape.

Just Right

  • Burbank,
  • Jan 16 2024,
  • by Mary R

I was looking for Sunglasses that not too big and not too small. These are perfect!. I love the strong durability look of the frame and style and fit is perfect! I would definitely recommend these. Not to mention they look very rich!


  • Hoboken,
  • Jan 14 2024,
  • by Anonymous

I really love these frames, Easily my best frames so far. I love how they look on my face soo much.

Fav daily wear

  • Los Angeles,
  • Jan 14 2024,
  • by Valeri B

These are nice and perfect for my face shape. I bought these as a sunglasses and ended up buying black as eyeglasses as well.

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